my girl, my girl, dont lie to me...

...tell me where did you sleep last night?

Growing up in the 90's with a (somewhat rebellious) older brother was definitely one of the coolest things about growing up. We used to spend our school holidays sitting in his room playing tv games (the very very old school kind...im talking 1000 in 1..ok, if Mappy doenst mean anything to you...go to your room!)
okay, so there we are playing tv games and going through the grunge era together and all the way through it im complaining that the musics too loud and why do they have to swear so much....but, secretly, when he goes out to visit his friends...i sneak into his room, put on the
headphones and let Kurt soothe my teenage angst.
ah yes, the 90's.


in His image.

The world population is the total number of living humans on Earth at a given time. As of November 2008, the world's population is estimated to be about 6.7 billion (6,700,000,000). - Wikipedia

Genesis 1
27 So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them.

He has given us each a voice, each of us different experiences, different views.
We each express ourselves and Him in different ways.

we each experience Him in different ways.

our hearts "feel" differently. we hurt differently and heal differently.
our hands formed differently to serve uniquely.

there are words that need to be spoken and hearts that need to express.
there are passions that need be shared and ideas that need to take form.
there are hands that need to reach out. feet that need to walk to places others fear.
we each have something to offer.

created in His image. created to reflect His glory.

YOU are made in His image.
that means you reflect His image to the world. He has placed something inside of you that will show the world who He is in a new and different way.

{there are so many aspects of God to be explored. to be discovered.}

we need each other.
to understand God better. to get to know Him better.

just imagine if all 6.7 billion of us made a decision to live who He created us to be.

to live as His creation.

"So let hope rise,
And darkness tremble
In Your holy light,
And every eye will see
Jesus, our God,
Great and mighty to be praised."

-i love the new hillsong cd!!-


pretty things

This day could be better. My car keeps on breaking. And now its broken again. And I am BROKE!!! And this is starting to sound lame. So I'll post a pretty little picture of some pretty little things. to make me feel pretty. and hopefully it'll make you feel pretty too :-)

exhibit a
: my new "old" jersey. yes, i have become one of "them"...those who buy from second hand shops. but dont judge me...haha...you should try it. suuuper cheap clothes..like this here jersey (R20)...and its one of a kind...so you always looking slightly original. what a winner.

exhibit b:
my new pin brooch. got it from one of the artists at the ruth prowse exhibition. her work was AMAZING and she had a wall covered with 3000 of these buttons. wow. i was mesmerized. i cant remember her name. but go check out the exhibition if you get a chance. its open till friday 28th.

amped to watch the "everything is spiritual" dvd by rob bell tonight. oe, and on season 3 of heroes. eeeeeaaakkkk!!! sylar is the coolest villian ever.


Foto #3 - the Dad

My dad turned 56 on Sunday, the 16th November 2008.
We had a brunch and lots of lemon meringue :-)

Its scary when you see your parents grow older. They forget things so quickly, they can't hear you when you shout from the bathroom and they're in the kitchen, they walk slower, they drive slower (!!!)

It often frustrates me that I still live at home, but I take moments like these to stop and treasure my parents and see spending everyday with them as a blessing. I am starting to really get to know them as Im getting older. We tend to not think of our parents at age 16, 25, 35. Who they were back then, in part, they still are today.

We can learn so much (more) from them when we approach them as "people" - people who have desires and dreams and regrets and hurts. When we approach them as a friend.

It hasnt always been an easy journey - walking beside him.
He is a quiet man. He doenst talk a lot but when he decides to raise his opinions or concerns, he speaks with wisdom. He is deeply creative and a philosopher.

*the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Zappa
*the Ocean
*breakfast (extra sausage)
*lifts (the 90's)
* "you will make many friends, but you will soon learn, the ones you can trust...you can count on one hand"
*swiss roll :-)
*the sports channel



haha, ok ill admit, the alliteration is lame, but its FUN!

5 things I am looking forward to on this here, Friday:
- shopping. YES! jeans, skirts, summery stuff

- dad's birthday sunday means family vibes...and foooooood!!
- hillsong united live
- some quality time with a good friend
- finishing up the mag - oe, check out our blog

Ok who doesnt love the Ninja Turtles? Donatello ROCKS!



Probably one of the best movies I have seen this year. (click on pic)

Oh and if you are into hardcore/metal/prog rock/punk vibes...check out this sick podcast by some friends
Some good music and good laughs.


Foto #2

Their wedding day.
These photographs are priceless.

My parents got married in court and celebrated with a few friends. Their wedding car was a beetle. Such hippies :-)

They have been married for 25 years.


Foto #1

I love old photographs.

This is my mom. On the right. She looks...bummed.

Me. Left. Not picking my nose. I was a thumbsucker.

I love this photo.


work hard...(drink lots of caffeine)...play hard

Been living behind my computer screen for the past few weeks. work, freelance, magazine launch, ctrl, alt, delete. ah you know you are overworked when you try to "ctrl z" things in real life. (imagine if life worked that way) id copy paste myself somewhere in december. between christmas and new year to be precise. holidays. bliss.

but the tiredness and lack of social life is all worth it cos its been going into a little project called plusthree. a mag we are launching on the 9th of November. i am super nervous but also super excited. this is something i have wanted to do since...well...since i was a kid cutting out pictures of people and sticking them onto pictures of other stuff.
i love magazines. i love information. i love writing. i love reading. i love creating. there isnt anything else i would rather be sacrificing time for than this mag...plusthree.
we have an amazing team working on it who are all so talented and passionate about this. and i have been connecting with so many ppl who are interested in getting involved. it makes me very exited about the future and what it holds. things are taking shape. all part of His plan.

plusthree is about equipping people to progress. we want to expose talent and creativity, giving up and coming young adults a platform to express and live out who they are. and through this we aim to encourage others to be doing the same. we cannot become complacent. in our creativity, in our intellect, in our character, in our love. we need to always move forward and grow. aim for change and new things. we hope that plusthree will encourage this growth.

and the name? holds so many meanings.
Father. Son. Holy Spirit.
faith. hope. love.

the church has given us a platform to launch plusthree and has helped to spread its wings, but we pray that it will reach a much wider audience and that this audience will find it inspirational and relevant to their lives.


spontanious combustion

Lately I have been feeling so liberated by faith...(I have also been learning that faith is not about feelings.eak)

back to my liberation
i have this urge inside of me to declare the truth. at all costs. with love.
but not being restricted by the opinions of others. just being myself.
walking in spirit and truth.

i have a friend, Cassan, she is awesome. and she always puts me firmly in my place
"i have no one to impress but God, Ru"
that is what she always says to me when i try act cool.

wise words. wise lady.

I HAVE NO ONE TO IMPRESS BUT GOD. that changes everything.

i feel liberated.
i feel like i can SPEAK with courage and faith. and LOVE. mostly with LOVE.

how awesome that even though i only have Him to impress HE is the one who accepts me before
I have even uttered a word, lifted a hand, walked one single step towards Him.

flip man, God's love is ENDLESS!!

I am so stoked I think I might just go make myself a hot cuppa tea.


Oh words, you destroy me.

I sink ships
I destroy lives
I am a sinner, a hater
A cold heartless beast

This tongue has destroyed your city
It has spoken death over these lives

Glorify and swear
Praise and curse
Compliments and lies
One body, no heart
No longer….

Silence, I will speak.


resist and flee. resist and flee. resist

your ways are not my ways,
your thoughts are not my thoughts
but it tastes so bittersweet
i leave it all behind
i run i flee
it tastes to bittersweet
saviour saviour
tell me u will never leave me
tell me u will never leave me
cos loneliness is my curse
and all my days i will lay in waste
unless u are real
unless ur words are true
unless ur promises are alive

so i run
i flee
from this temptation
please say u will be my resting place
u will be my comfort


God speaks

I was hanging out at the beach after a run last week. It was a beautiful evening, not a breath of wind and it was getting dark so the sky was warm and pink. I was trying to talk to God. Trying to listen. Listening isn’t always that easy. So instead I asked him stuff. About who He is and if he is really “out there” listening to me as I try to ramble off the events of my day. It seemed foolish. Thou shalt not question God. But seriously, don’t you ever wonder? Even if just for a split second.

So yes, there I am trying to take in the awesome night sky and the beautiful mountain which is slowly starting to light up and I know that on my heart it is written that He is God. That God will always be God. But I ask Him just to remind me.

So then this young man approaches me and asks if he could share something with me. Which turns out to be the gospel of Jesus Christ. I let him share his story before I confess my faith. I ask him a few questions. Why does he believe in God? How does he know God is real? What is truth? Perhaps these are questions I am trying to find answers to.

As I am hearing this young man share his heart with me I am faced with a question: am I going to choose that this man is a bit weird to share stories from his life with a total stranger and that this whole scenario is just “coincidence” or am I going to allow the Lord to speak to my heart, am I going to accept this as a miracle…its then that I realise, God, here I was a few minutes ago asking you to talk to me…to tell me something. And what does He say through this young man…he says that he is HERE with me, he encourages me, he surprises me. For 20 minutes I had fellowship with a young man called Craig, whom I will probably never see again. We talked about Jesus and what it means to follow His ways. We talked about the law and the Sabbath. Craig is a seventh day Adventist. And I leave with this amazing peace in my heart, that no matter what denomination we belong to, no matter our (foolish) opinions, no matter how well we know each other, we agree that our only Truth will ever be the Lord Jesus Christ


What kind of name is Peter for a girl anyway?

I have weird obsession. Not dangerous ones, just weird ones. They come and go.
This month's obsession has been with rusks, muesli rusks, normal rusks, wholewheat rusks, "karringmelk" rusks...even RYE rusks!

Thank goodness for Ouma!

Oh and I saw Desmond and the Tutus and Unit R this weekend in Stellies. WOW WOW WOW!! Still cant get over the good vibes!


Dear Whoever

I have been writing alot lately. Been remembering a lot of things from my childhood and from growing up...its interesting when you look back and you can shed some light. See growth. And almost reflect on who you are, who you were, who you are becoming. Its like I have gained this strange insight into my past. Flashbacks of my life. And they are so clear. Some good, some bad. But its like I have been given this gift to get to know myself better. Who I was aged 7, aged 12, aged 16. So this has caused my pen to write more than often. Little snippets of memories and emotions.

I have always loved to write. But my love for writing has been somewhat overshadowed by my love for drawing the past few years. Until now. With not much time on my hands and (honestly) not much motivation to draw, I have opted for writing. Which I find so satisfying. I dont care if Im a good writer or not. I dont write to impress. I write to communicate (to myself) the thoughts of my mind. To get things on paper...quickly. Its different to drawing and painting. Much faster. And less pressure.

So...I'll be posting some ramblings. Does anyone even read this thing?

Reading: Starving Jesus
Listening: Desmond &the Tutus; Frou Frou (check this awesome vintage poster I found when I googled Frou Frou images)

drie stukke.fases.liefdes

? I ?
Ek sukkel om te fokus Die dae sleep stadig verby Die nagte en die drome Jou misterie maak my mal My hart voel hol Dis vreemd Ek sing 'n lied op 'n vals noot Ek soek jou om elke hoek

? II ?
Draai my in die rondte tot die beligting jou pas Kies vir my 'n kleur na jou voorkeur Vir jou sal ek in die vuur spring Ek gee vir jou my hart Ek bou vir jou al my liefde Om te kyk hoe jy dit breek Ek sal jou nie bevraagteken Ek sal nie twyfel Hier is ek, gebruik my En los die stukke in die drom by die agterdeur

? III ?
Jy's anders Daar's iets vreemds aan jou manier, jou wyse van beweging En in hoe jy met my praat Ek sukkel om dit uit te ken Is dit tydelik of het jy egter jou les geleer? Het jy dalk tydens die les ook besef wat jy verloor het? Wat jy weggegooi het Wat jy misbruik het Ek wens ons kan weer lag soos ou tye, soos ou vriende Maar ek is bevrees die lewe het oorgeneem En dit lyk vir my na 'n doodloop Niks gaan hier verander nie…maar steeds is daar hoop, Want jy's anders Dis in jou stem Dis in jou oe En die manier hoe jy vir my kyk ….as ek nie kyk nie.


I am a sinner

I always assumed that when Christ said "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do", that He was referring to "them" – the unsaved, the lost, those who are of the world, those who mock Christ, etc.

What a revelation in realising that He was, in fact, referring to me – a sinner.

See, just because I have "found" Christ doesn't make me a better person than the one who hasn't, it just makes me redeemed, forgiven, a receiver of grace and hope.

But at the end of the day, that is exactly what it is: GRACE and LOVE and FORGIVENESS…a Saviour, a King that died for me while I was still a sinner. That knew I would fail and fall and therefore pleaded with His Father to forgive me for I know not what I do.

How beautiful is the heart of Jesus.


Self discovery

“Every good painter paints what he is.”
- Jackson Pollock