God speaks

I was hanging out at the beach after a run last week. It was a beautiful evening, not a breath of wind and it was getting dark so the sky was warm and pink. I was trying to talk to God. Trying to listen. Listening isn’t always that easy. So instead I asked him stuff. About who He is and if he is really “out there” listening to me as I try to ramble off the events of my day. It seemed foolish. Thou shalt not question God. But seriously, don’t you ever wonder? Even if just for a split second.

So yes, there I am trying to take in the awesome night sky and the beautiful mountain which is slowly starting to light up and I know that on my heart it is written that He is God. That God will always be God. But I ask Him just to remind me.

So then this young man approaches me and asks if he could share something with me. Which turns out to be the gospel of Jesus Christ. I let him share his story before I confess my faith. I ask him a few questions. Why does he believe in God? How does he know God is real? What is truth? Perhaps these are questions I am trying to find answers to.

As I am hearing this young man share his heart with me I am faced with a question: am I going to choose that this man is a bit weird to share stories from his life with a total stranger and that this whole scenario is just “coincidence” or am I going to allow the Lord to speak to my heart, am I going to accept this as a miracle…its then that I realise, God, here I was a few minutes ago asking you to talk to me…to tell me something. And what does He say through this young man…he says that he is HERE with me, he encourages me, he surprises me. For 20 minutes I had fellowship with a young man called Craig, whom I will probably never see again. We talked about Jesus and what it means to follow His ways. We talked about the law and the Sabbath. Craig is a seventh day Adventist. And I leave with this amazing peace in my heart, that no matter what denomination we belong to, no matter our (foolish) opinions, no matter how well we know each other, we agree that our only Truth will ever be the Lord Jesus Christ


What kind of name is Peter for a girl anyway?

I have weird obsession. Not dangerous ones, just weird ones. They come and go.
This month's obsession has been with rusks, muesli rusks, normal rusks, wholewheat rusks, "karringmelk" rusks...even RYE rusks!

Thank goodness for Ouma!

Oh and I saw Desmond and the Tutus and Unit R this weekend in Stellies. WOW WOW WOW!! Still cant get over the good vibes!


Dear Whoever

I have been writing alot lately. Been remembering a lot of things from my childhood and from growing up...its interesting when you look back and you can shed some light. See growth. And almost reflect on who you are, who you were, who you are becoming. Its like I have gained this strange insight into my past. Flashbacks of my life. And they are so clear. Some good, some bad. But its like I have been given this gift to get to know myself better. Who I was aged 7, aged 12, aged 16. So this has caused my pen to write more than often. Little snippets of memories and emotions.

I have always loved to write. But my love for writing has been somewhat overshadowed by my love for drawing the past few years. Until now. With not much time on my hands and (honestly) not much motivation to draw, I have opted for writing. Which I find so satisfying. I dont care if Im a good writer or not. I dont write to impress. I write to communicate (to myself) the thoughts of my mind. To get things on paper...quickly. Its different to drawing and painting. Much faster. And less pressure.

So...I'll be posting some ramblings. Does anyone even read this thing?

Reading: Starving Jesus
Listening: Desmond &the Tutus; Frou Frou (check this awesome vintage poster I found when I googled Frou Frou images)

drie stukke.fases.liefdes

? I ?
Ek sukkel om te fokus Die dae sleep stadig verby Die nagte en die drome Jou misterie maak my mal My hart voel hol Dis vreemd Ek sing 'n lied op 'n vals noot Ek soek jou om elke hoek

? II ?
Draai my in die rondte tot die beligting jou pas Kies vir my 'n kleur na jou voorkeur Vir jou sal ek in die vuur spring Ek gee vir jou my hart Ek bou vir jou al my liefde Om te kyk hoe jy dit breek Ek sal jou nie bevraagteken Ek sal nie twyfel Hier is ek, gebruik my En los die stukke in die drom by die agterdeur

? III ?
Jy's anders Daar's iets vreemds aan jou manier, jou wyse van beweging En in hoe jy met my praat Ek sukkel om dit uit te ken Is dit tydelik of het jy egter jou les geleer? Het jy dalk tydens die les ook besef wat jy verloor het? Wat jy weggegooi het Wat jy misbruik het Ek wens ons kan weer lag soos ou tye, soos ou vriende Maar ek is bevrees die lewe het oorgeneem En dit lyk vir my na 'n doodloop Niks gaan hier verander nie…maar steeds is daar hoop, Want jy's anders Dis in jou stem Dis in jou oe En die manier hoe jy vir my kyk ….as ek nie kyk nie.