Dear Whoever

I have been writing alot lately. Been remembering a lot of things from my childhood and from growing up...its interesting when you look back and you can shed some light. See growth. And almost reflect on who you are, who you were, who you are becoming. Its like I have gained this strange insight into my past. Flashbacks of my life. And they are so clear. Some good, some bad. But its like I have been given this gift to get to know myself better. Who I was aged 7, aged 12, aged 16. So this has caused my pen to write more than often. Little snippets of memories and emotions.

I have always loved to write. But my love for writing has been somewhat overshadowed by my love for drawing the past few years. Until now. With not much time on my hands and (honestly) not much motivation to draw, I have opted for writing. Which I find so satisfying. I dont care if Im a good writer or not. I dont write to impress. I write to communicate (to myself) the thoughts of my mind. To get things on paper...quickly. Its different to drawing and painting. Much faster. And less pressure.

So...I'll be posting some ramblings. Does anyone even read this thing?

Reading: Starving Jesus
Listening: Desmond &the Tutus; Frou Frou (check this awesome vintage poster I found when I googled Frou Frou images)

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