Foto #1

I love old photographs.

This is my mom. On the right. She looks...bummed.

Me. Left. Not picking my nose. I was a thumbsucker.

I love this photo.


work hard...(drink lots of caffeine)...play hard

Been living behind my computer screen for the past few weeks. work, freelance, magazine launch, ctrl, alt, delete. ah you know you are overworked when you try to "ctrl z" things in real life. (imagine if life worked that way) id copy paste myself somewhere in december. between christmas and new year to be precise. holidays. bliss.

but the tiredness and lack of social life is all worth it cos its been going into a little project called plusthree. a mag we are launching on the 9th of November. i am super nervous but also super excited. this is something i have wanted to do since...well...since i was a kid cutting out pictures of people and sticking them onto pictures of other stuff.
i love magazines. i love information. i love writing. i love reading. i love creating. there isnt anything else i would rather be sacrificing time for than this mag...plusthree.
we have an amazing team working on it who are all so talented and passionate about this. and i have been connecting with so many ppl who are interested in getting involved. it makes me very exited about the future and what it holds. things are taking shape. all part of His plan.

plusthree is about equipping people to progress. we want to expose talent and creativity, giving up and coming young adults a platform to express and live out who they are. and through this we aim to encourage others to be doing the same. we cannot become complacent. in our creativity, in our intellect, in our character, in our love. we need to always move forward and grow. aim for change and new things. we hope that plusthree will encourage this growth.

and the name? holds so many meanings.
Father. Son. Holy Spirit.
faith. hope. love.

the church has given us a platform to launch plusthree and has helped to spread its wings, but we pray that it will reach a much wider audience and that this audience will find it inspirational and relevant to their lives.


spontanious combustion

Lately I have been feeling so liberated by faith...(I have also been learning that faith is not about feelings.eak)

back to my liberation
i have this urge inside of me to declare the truth. at all costs. with love.
but not being restricted by the opinions of others. just being myself.
walking in spirit and truth.

i have a friend, Cassan, she is awesome. and she always puts me firmly in my place
"i have no one to impress but God, Ru"
that is what she always says to me when i try act cool.

wise words. wise lady.

I HAVE NO ONE TO IMPRESS BUT GOD. that changes everything.

i feel liberated.
i feel like i can SPEAK with courage and faith. and LOVE. mostly with LOVE.

how awesome that even though i only have Him to impress HE is the one who accepts me before
I have even uttered a word, lifted a hand, walked one single step towards Him.

flip man, God's love is ENDLESS!!

I am so stoked I think I might just go make myself a hot cuppa tea.


Oh words, you destroy me.

I sink ships
I destroy lives
I am a sinner, a hater
A cold heartless beast

This tongue has destroyed your city
It has spoken death over these lives

Glorify and swear
Praise and curse
Compliments and lies
One body, no heart
No longer….

Silence, I will speak.