spontanious combustion

Lately I have been feeling so liberated by faith...(I have also been learning that faith is not about feelings.eak)

back to my liberation
i have this urge inside of me to declare the truth. at all costs. with love.
but not being restricted by the opinions of others. just being myself.
walking in spirit and truth.

i have a friend, Cassan, she is awesome. and she always puts me firmly in my place
"i have no one to impress but God, Ru"
that is what she always says to me when i try act cool.

wise words. wise lady.

I HAVE NO ONE TO IMPRESS BUT GOD. that changes everything.

i feel liberated.
i feel like i can SPEAK with courage and faith. and LOVE. mostly with LOVE.

how awesome that even though i only have Him to impress HE is the one who accepts me before
I have even uttered a word, lifted a hand, walked one single step towards Him.

flip man, God's love is ENDLESS!!

I am so stoked I think I might just go make myself a hot cuppa tea.

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