pretty things

This day could be better. My car keeps on breaking. And now its broken again. And I am BROKE!!! And this is starting to sound lame. So I'll post a pretty little picture of some pretty little things. to make me feel pretty. and hopefully it'll make you feel pretty too :-)

exhibit a
: my new "old" jersey. yes, i have become one of "them"...those who buy from second hand shops. but dont judge me...haha...you should try it. suuuper cheap clothes..like this here jersey (R20)...and its one of a kind...so you always looking slightly original. what a winner.

exhibit b:
my new pin brooch. got it from one of the artists at the ruth prowse exhibition. her work was AMAZING and she had a wall covered with 3000 of these buttons. wow. i was mesmerized. i cant remember her name. but go check out the exhibition if you get a chance. its open till friday 28th.

amped to watch the "everything is spiritual" dvd by rob bell tonight. oe, and on season 3 of heroes. eeeeeaaakkkk!!! sylar is the coolest villian ever.


Foto #3 - the Dad

My dad turned 56 on Sunday, the 16th November 2008.
We had a brunch and lots of lemon meringue :-)

Its scary when you see your parents grow older. They forget things so quickly, they can't hear you when you shout from the bathroom and they're in the kitchen, they walk slower, they drive slower (!!!)

It often frustrates me that I still live at home, but I take moments like these to stop and treasure my parents and see spending everyday with them as a blessing. I am starting to really get to know them as Im getting older. We tend to not think of our parents at age 16, 25, 35. Who they were back then, in part, they still are today.

We can learn so much (more) from them when we approach them as "people" - people who have desires and dreams and regrets and hurts. When we approach them as a friend.

It hasnt always been an easy journey - walking beside him.
He is a quiet man. He doenst talk a lot but when he decides to raise his opinions or concerns, he speaks with wisdom. He is deeply creative and a philosopher.

*the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Zappa
*the Ocean
*breakfast (extra sausage)
*lifts (the 90's)
* "you will make many friends, but you will soon learn, the ones you can trust...you can count on one hand"
*swiss roll :-)
*the sports channel



haha, ok ill admit, the alliteration is lame, but its FUN!

5 things I am looking forward to on this here, Friday:
- shopping. YES! jeans, skirts, summery stuff

- dad's birthday sunday means family vibes...and foooooood!!
- hillsong united live
- some quality time with a good friend
- finishing up the mag - oe, check out our blog

Ok who doesnt love the Ninja Turtles? Donatello ROCKS!



Probably one of the best movies I have seen this year. (click on pic)

Oh and if you are into hardcore/metal/prog rock/punk vibes...check out this sick podcast by some friends
Some good music and good laughs.


Foto #2

Their wedding day.
These photographs are priceless.

My parents got married in court and celebrated with a few friends. Their wedding car was a beetle. Such hippies :-)

They have been married for 25 years.