pretty things

This day could be better. My car keeps on breaking. And now its broken again. And I am BROKE!!! And this is starting to sound lame. So I'll post a pretty little picture of some pretty little things. to make me feel pretty. and hopefully it'll make you feel pretty too :-)

exhibit a
: my new "old" jersey. yes, i have become one of "them"...those who buy from second hand shops. but dont judge me...haha...you should try it. suuuper cheap clothes..like this here jersey (R20)...and its one of a kind...so you always looking slightly original. what a winner.

exhibit b:
my new pin brooch. got it from one of the artists at the ruth prowse exhibition. her work was AMAZING and she had a wall covered with 3000 of these buttons. wow. i was mesmerized. i cant remember her name. but go check out the exhibition if you get a chance. its open till friday 28th.

amped to watch the "everything is spiritual" dvd by rob bell tonight. oe, and on season 3 of heroes. eeeeeaaakkkk!!! sylar is the coolest villian ever.

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Lisa Jane said...

I love the jersey, it made me think Peeeeerdy!!!

Love the broach too, miss vintage shopping!!!