my girl, my girl, dont lie to me...

...tell me where did you sleep last night?

Growing up in the 90's with a (somewhat rebellious) older brother was definitely one of the coolest things about growing up. We used to spend our school holidays sitting in his room playing tv games (the very very old school kind...im talking 1000 in 1..ok, if Mappy doenst mean anything to you...go to your room!)
okay, so there we are playing tv games and going through the grunge era together and all the way through it im complaining that the musics too loud and why do they have to swear so much....but, secretly, when he goes out to visit his friends...i sneak into his room, put on the
headphones and let Kurt soothe my teenage angst.
ah yes, the 90's.


Rasheed Ferguson said...

MAPPY FTW!!!...or how about adventure island & spartan X & MAJONG! (how the freak did that game work anyway)" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

aaah nintendo!!!..

russiankid said...

aaahhhh...im takin a trip down memory lane here...ice climber, antartic adventure, contra, that circus game. LOL