"if you approach the world with the apron of a servant, then you are allowed to go places that you can't go if you approach it with the crown of a king" - jon foreman


Good Day Sir...I said Good Day!

Wow. Church has never been this fun.

Origami. Letters typed on old typewriters. Marie Antoinette and a ridiculous amount of homebaked cupcakes. *sigh*. Old drawings and paintings come to life again. Exploring the art of creating. Discovering the Ultimate Creator. Singing songs with old friends. Comfort. Seeing gifts come to life. Kitchen talk. Saying 'no' when you want to say 'yes'. Saying 'yes' when you should probably say 'no'. Admitting its real. The battle of the "mindtank". Not afraid to ask questions and confront emotions. Girl talk. Fairylights and Jane Austen novels. "Mister Darcy I presume." Giant material cupcakes. Primi. Ahhhh, making new friends. Letting go of old things. Reaching out to new things. Earl grey tea. Doodles.

"God looked over everything he CREATEd;
it was so good, so very good!
It was evening, it was morning—day Six."

Here are some pics. and please go visit contrastonline.co.za


uhm..are we there yet?

where there is only one road.
and it leads me straight to Your House.

where my soul is at rest.
my work is complete.
no thief to steal. no moth or rust to destroy.

where my mind is still cos there is no doubt.
Your glory overshadows any questions.
the great I AM.

where my heart is complete cos it has found You.
finally, you are the only thing i need, the only thing i want.
i can rest, my search is over.

where your Love fills my days. perfectly.
there is need for nothing else but You.
no past. no present. no future.
just eternity.

i am stayin here forever.


I've been reading this book called, The Sacred Romance, by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge.


It's about the ultimate love story between the Creator and his Creation.
The first three chapters has taken me on a journey (a pilgrimage) to find my heart within His heart. And to not silence it but rather learn how to follow it.

Yes, apparently following your heart, isnt always a bad thing.

There are things He has placed there. Dreams, desires, passions. And life will silence those things. But we have to learn how to never stop believing.

Im discovering.