my lovely diana

got the mini version for xmas. *dankie ma en pa*
now i can take my own hippie looking photos and pretend to be cool. (added bonus - having this turquoise beauty hang around my neck gives me instant cool points)

developed the first roll of film yesterday. excitement. a few bloopers but hey, im learning.

i love that there's this anticipation of what the results will be. oeee...the mystery after the 'click'.
and there's no "my face looks weird in this one, take another"

ill post my favorites over the next few days.

this one's of one of my best friends, kirsten, she is seriously awesome and as beautiful and gentle as the story this picture tells.
this photo was taken while we were doing wedding research. she recently got engaged. friggin most amazing love story ever!! he lives in san diego, she lives in cape town. they met once. chatted for a few minutes. fell in love. *sigh* a bunch of emails, skype chats, flights to and from...and they're getting hitched.
last week some american diamond company flew him over to suprise her. it was for a competition called 'drop everything for love'. check out their story here if you're not convinced...

anyway back to the picture...check that awesome blue light reflecting on the left...*yessss*

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