today im thankful for...

peanut butter

in all forms. smooth, chunky, choc chip, you name it.
on warm toast, so it kinda melts and gets all creamy.
on thin slices of apple (gotta be grannysmith).
with banana in a snackwich.
on waffles.
in milkshakes.
PEANUT SATAY...need i say more.
oh and then my fav, straight outta the jar. mmmmmm.
flip, and dont forget peanut m&m's.
ah, and my friend makes these delicious peanut butter brownies...soft, creamy, peanut butter centre.

wow, peanut butter might be the best invention yet.


1 comment:

darylhb said...

mmm ... next time try it with celery - cut the stalks in half down the vertical and fill the hollow with PB - INCREDIBLE!!