black and white

 been thinking more and more about truth. i am so hungry for it. ABSOLUTE TRUTH. i believe the Word of God is true. sometimes i am just overwhelmed by the different interpretations. opposing opinions. different denominations and methods and.....truths.

it's not about who is right or wrong, but rather about what pleases God.
and it's about knowing why i believe what i believe.

i don't want to be ignorant.
i don't want a fickle faith. i don't serve a grey area God.

Lord, i just want YOUR truth.

iv been confronted with grey areas a few times this year.

i love how when I ask God questions He never rebukes me or turns away from me but rather He says 'Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe. Come to me, you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."'

i know He will show me His truth. and i will keep searching. holding onto His love that saved me.

i believe its good to ask questions. with a humble and sincere heart. while always knowing that God is God. and there are some things we will just never grasp. having a peace that I am made righteous by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

i hope we all find what we are looking for. treasure.


skeleton bones

skeleton bones stand at the sound of eternity
on the lips of the found
and gravestones roll
to the rhythm of the sound of you

oh let us adore the Son of glory drenched in love
open up your gates before him, crown Him, stand Him up


- john mark mcmillan


what's in a name?

The girl's name Veruschka \v(e)-rusch-ka, ver(us)-chka\ is a variant of Vera (Slavic, Latin) and Verena (Latin), and the meaning of Veruschka is "faith; truth; true"

awesome :-)

Veruschka von Lehndorff
 (the lady my mother named me after)


magazine love

so those of you who know me will know that i loooooove magazines. (and books. equally. i have no favorites)
since i can remember i have been obsessed. iv hoarded and recycled and hoarded and recycled. so i thought id share some of my favorite publications over the next few posts. 

THE FACE. (love the 90's.) 
i was mesmerized with this magazine as a teenager and devoured the only three original copies i could get my hands on (the issue with ashton kutcher, the one with orlando bloom and the zombie issue). 

the face opened up a new world of fashion, music, art and british street culture...and even though i wasn't cool enough to understand any of it, i loved it all. the (then) unusual compositions. the bizarre photography and concepts that were always so alluring and beautiful. the bold, in-your-face (pun) approach. the face was controversial, it was raw and real and different to anything my small town eyes had ever seen. at the risk of sounding like a magazine snob, after reading the face, i could never go back to the cosmopolitan (which up untill that point was all my smalltown eyes had ever seen) tsk tsk

boasting some of the best design work from art directors neville brody and lee swillingham, the face hugely influenced my approach to layout design and typography. 

needless to say, the pages that remain are snipped and torn as a result of a teenager cutting and pasting her life into journals in an attempt to make sense out of it all. (lol)

ok enough talk, see for yourself.

I found most of these images
here, check it out for more covers and inside spreads.
*soooo envious of this dude's collection right now



living in my own place is AMAZING! 
moving was the wisest, most liberating decision i have made in a very long time.

wow. i feel so blessed.

and along with moving into your own little place comes a whole new world. i now look at furniture when i go out. (lol) and all i wana do is buy pretty things for my flat. (like the japanese teacups i fell in love with from the shop downstairs...they look similar to these..see what i mean!!)

iv done a lot of browsing on decor websites and been super inspired.
these 2 pics inspired some ideas and they're both from designsponge.they have a sneak peek section where they showcase some beautiful interiors. a world of ideas!!

aaahhh, i dream of having a library so high up i'd need a cute little ladder to get to my favorite second hand books. on the top shelf ill have all the classics, like the shakespeare's and the austen's, oe and all the poetry books. and on sundays, just before i have breakfast, ill tiptoe up the tiny ladder, get a book to suite the mood, and slowly read my favorite parts.

for now tho...

im lucky to have "inherited" a beautiful little vintage looking book cupboard my father made while in high school - shud've been sometime in the late 60's. flip, thinking bout it now, he must've been super talented for an 18 year old kid, cos its the coolest piece of furniture in my flat by far. iv stacked it to the brim with all my books (if my house burns down, im taking this cupboard first.) oh my, i do love books. and i love seeing how others choose to display theirs.

view the rest of the apartment here

ok, i cannot stress how much i adore this drawer thingy (im sure it has some fancy name). where can i get one? this will be perfect for storing all my paints and brushed and pens and bits and pieces of paper. (mmm, nice bag on the chair aswell)
view the rest of the apartment

we are taking over the blogosphere

...well, kind of.

two of my lovely lady friends have started blogging. support them. comment. follow. don't stalk please, they are both very much spoken for :-)

shestillwrites - by Cassan Ferguson, my bestest lady friend and by far the craziest (which is probably why she is my bestest) this is her "more serious" blogging venture, all about what it looks like to be a woman loved and saved by God. I, for one, am really excited for this blog as I know Cas has walked an amazing journey with God and also has an ability to see the potential and worth in others like few can. (and please, read her other blog The Diary of Talulah Belle for some more insight into her creative mind...and crazy sense of humour)

alittlebluebirdsaid - by Nikki van Wijk, my fellow designer lady friend. this talented illustrator and designer's blog is all about pretty little things that inspire - which is why i love it! and she loves tea...(nice)

both these ladies have beautiful hearts and serious style!! happy blogging girls!
hey, look at this old pic of us taking time out of our busy schedules to smell the roses and stuff. flashback!

(cas on the left, and nix on the right)

while we're on the topic of women, i thought id share a little treasure i found in the book of proverbs a few days back. you know how you can read a chapter over and over and then one day you'll just SEE something you never saw before.

the proverbs 31 woman
"she laughs without fear of the future"

few things are as beautiful as a woman who is securely rooted in the love of Christ. that laughs even though she doesn't know what the future holds. but she trusts. and therefore she can ENJOY life to the full.

laughing is good. for the soul. for the boooones.

i love laughing. lucky for me, i have funny friends.