living in my own place is AMAZING! 
moving was the wisest, most liberating decision i have made in a very long time.

wow. i feel so blessed.

and along with moving into your own little place comes a whole new world. i now look at furniture when i go out. (lol) and all i wana do is buy pretty things for my flat. (like the japanese teacups i fell in love with from the shop downstairs...they look similar to these..see what i mean!!)

iv done a lot of browsing on decor websites and been super inspired.
these 2 pics inspired some ideas and they're both from designsponge.they have a sneak peek section where they showcase some beautiful interiors. a world of ideas!!

aaahhh, i dream of having a library so high up i'd need a cute little ladder to get to my favorite second hand books. on the top shelf ill have all the classics, like the shakespeare's and the austen's, oe and all the poetry books. and on sundays, just before i have breakfast, ill tiptoe up the tiny ladder, get a book to suite the mood, and slowly read my favorite parts.

for now tho...

im lucky to have "inherited" a beautiful little vintage looking book cupboard my father made while in high school - shud've been sometime in the late 60's. flip, thinking bout it now, he must've been super talented for an 18 year old kid, cos its the coolest piece of furniture in my flat by far. iv stacked it to the brim with all my books (if my house burns down, im taking this cupboard first.) oh my, i do love books. and i love seeing how others choose to display theirs.

view the rest of the apartment here

ok, i cannot stress how much i adore this drawer thingy (im sure it has some fancy name). where can i get one? this will be perfect for storing all my paints and brushed and pens and bits and pieces of paper. (mmm, nice bag on the chair aswell)
view the rest of the apartment


darylhb said...

We have a similar "drawer thingy" in our house!!
It's smaller and the drawers are also smaller, but otherwise it's exactly the same.
My great-grandfather got it second-hand from an optometrist who had it built to store all the lenses for the glasses he built. They were categorised by size, shape and strength.
Had a look at some of the photos and how beautiful is the bathroom's huge wooden sliding door?? Also like the bookcase ladder...

Pinkbirdy said...

It's the old fashion library drawers for the dooey decimal system that they used to use.