magazine love

so those of you who know me will know that i loooooove magazines. (and books. equally. i have no favorites)
since i can remember i have been obsessed. iv hoarded and recycled and hoarded and recycled. so i thought id share some of my favorite publications over the next few posts. 

THE FACE. (love the 90's.) 
i was mesmerized with this magazine as a teenager and devoured the only three original copies i could get my hands on (the issue with ashton kutcher, the one with orlando bloom and the zombie issue). 

the face opened up a new world of fashion, music, art and british street culture...and even though i wasn't cool enough to understand any of it, i loved it all. the (then) unusual compositions. the bizarre photography and concepts that were always so alluring and beautiful. the bold, in-your-face (pun) approach. the face was controversial, it was raw and real and different to anything my small town eyes had ever seen. at the risk of sounding like a magazine snob, after reading the face, i could never go back to the cosmopolitan (which up untill that point was all my smalltown eyes had ever seen) tsk tsk

boasting some of the best design work from art directors neville brody and lee swillingham, the face hugely influenced my approach to layout design and typography. 

needless to say, the pages that remain are snipped and torn as a result of a teenager cutting and pasting her life into journals in an attempt to make sense out of it all. (lol)

ok enough talk, see for yourself.

I found most of these images
here, check it out for more covers and inside spreads.
*soooo envious of this dude's collection right now


she.still.writes said...

ah yey :)

Schalk Venter said...

awesome, neville brody, op face value (pun unintended) dig ek nie sy werk so baie nie, maar in die context van sy benadering en die sosiale klimaat van sy tyd, love ek dit so baie.

russiankid said...

haha, ja ou neville is sooo 80s. lol. ek dig sy typetreatments en sy approach. en die art direction van the face...wow! mar ek dink hy was meer betrokke met die vroeer issues.