we are taking over the blogosphere

...well, kind of.

two of my lovely lady friends have started blogging. support them. comment. follow. don't stalk please, they are both very much spoken for :-)

shestillwrites - by Cassan Ferguson, my bestest lady friend and by far the craziest (which is probably why she is my bestest) this is her "more serious" blogging venture, all about what it looks like to be a woman loved and saved by God. I, for one, am really excited for this blog as I know Cas has walked an amazing journey with God and also has an ability to see the potential and worth in others like few can. (and please, read her other blog The Diary of Talulah Belle for some more insight into her creative mind...and crazy sense of humour)

alittlebluebirdsaid - by Nikki van Wijk, my fellow designer lady friend. this talented illustrator and designer's blog is all about pretty little things that inspire - which is why i love it! and she loves tea...(nice)

both these ladies have beautiful hearts and serious style!! happy blogging girls!
hey, look at this old pic of us taking time out of our busy schedules to smell the roses and stuff. flashback!

(cas on the left, and nix on the right)

while we're on the topic of women, i thought id share a little treasure i found in the book of proverbs a few days back. you know how you can read a chapter over and over and then one day you'll just SEE something you never saw before.

the proverbs 31 woman
"she laughs without fear of the future"

few things are as beautiful as a woman who is securely rooted in the love of Christ. that laughs even though she doesn't know what the future holds. but she trusts. and therefore she can ENJOY life to the full.

laughing is good. for the soul. for the boooones.

i love laughing. lucky for me, i have funny friends.


nikki said...

giiirrrrrlll...youre like...sooo amaaazing :) i looove it! us queens of the blog u knooow...lifes so hectic! I love this photiiieee its soo old hehee..my hair is still blonde there...ahh back in the day! *FLASHBACK* whoooooooo...ok im back :) Thanks so the kind words ru ru, you are a GIANT bundle of talent and im amped to be blogging buddies and sistas with youuuu xx

she.still.writes said...

Ah my dearest friendy, u r soooo precious and absolutely amazing -one of a kind :)
Thanks for always being an inspiration to me and many others out there...
Just keep blogging just keep blogging-weeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
Bloggers Unite ***

russiankid said...

ladies, i think we shud hav a bloggers tea day at my new place. hehe.

PS. flip, how young are we in that photo. LOL!

nikki said...

ahhh im SO amped for bloggers tea and cannot wait to see ur new place girl whooohoooo! INDEPENDANT bloggers for LIFE :) extend the invite and i'll sooo BE THERE :) x

she.still.writes said...

we had no wrinkles back then..he he ..we shud do a b4 and after shoot :) weeeeee