the greener the grass...

do you ever feel that there is world out there that you are missing out on? 
things unexplored. 
that will inspire and change and grow you like nothing you've ever experienced. 

there is this world out there that entices you and draws you in and whispers promises of satisfaction and desires met. its so alluring. cos its so different than anything you've ever seen or heard of.

you're not aware of it until someone invites you into that world. 
but you know you cannot cross the border. 
because it would mean so many things. good and bad. 
but mostly bad. 

stil, there is this desire deep within you to see this other world, to know the people that inhabit the land, to taste their food, and speak their language, to see the things you've only heard them speak of. 

but something holds you back, something good. somebody.
and you know you must never enter that world in the same way that they have. you must find other ways. you must climb the mountains and float through the valleys and swim across the deepest coldest ocean floors to get to a world that is much better than any anyone has ever seen. them included.

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