i painted roads on the walls

ah blogging....

its been a while.
lots and lots of curious thoughts running through my head at the moment.
been looking into actually following my dreams...hmmm, let's see how that pans out.

been loving life. just enjoying every chunk i get to bite out of it. tasting all the goooodness.

and that deep knowing that the there is so much more on the way.

God keeps on blessing me with love. from all directions.
i am so undeserving.
compelled to become a better example of His love.

been writing. a bit.
wanting to write plenty more.
i tend to stay away from pen and paper unless i have a plan.
which is really silly.

oh and i must just tell y'all...iv been devouring a book called "poems for life" which is a selection of the best penguin poems. it was a gift from my dear friend Cassan.
such beautiful words.
can't wait to share some on here.

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