a little girl in the big city

it starts with the seed of a dream. and it grows into a desire of the heart.
not easily swayed by the passing of time or fashion or even the way your eyes look to and fro from one option to another.
it remains. 
and you forget about it. and then you remember. and you forget about it again.
and then you remember again.
and everytime the desire grows and you grow more curious.

what would it be like to follow that dream into reality?

He leads you onto that unknown path.
and He makes a way where there is no way. 
He goes before you and He gives you favour.
and He answers every prayer.
and you know, you KNOW that this is where He is leading you.
away from the known.
into the unknown.

i know you are scared cos you cannot anticipate the change. the consequences of following.
but you are compelled. and you are excited.

don't be afraid.

don't be afraid to make mistakes.
try not to overthink, overanalyze or reason too much.
take risks. trust.
try not to avoid the call of your heart if it leads you to life.

when you go down that road. and its right.
when you take the risk. and its right.
everything will change. it will be great.
and you'll be guided by an inner strength. it is well with my soul.
the peace that surpasses all your understanding. guarding your heart and mind.


God will sometimes lead us down unknown paths.
and we'll have the courage to follow.
and oh boy, it will take courage.

but you will have peace.
cos you'll be living the life you were created for.


darylhb said...

This is so inspiring and feel-good, Ru. Like the closing lines of the most amazing movie/book/story of all time.
It fills me with hope and a satisfying determination to live.

russiankid said...

thanks D!!! inspired by the recent changes and risks in my life. There is sucha a peace in following Him, even into the unknown.