aleph surf foundation

i recently had the privilege of working with two great friends, rehgert and vanessa van zyl over at aleph. i helped them develop their brand and designed some shirts for them as they headed over to hume lake camp, california to spread the message and heart of aleph and themba international.

"The Aleph Surfing Foundation is a pioneering program that mixes surf coaching, life skills workshops with biblical values and mentorship. This program is rolled into one package that challenges youth on the way they see the world, themselves and others around them. Throughout the process the children learn to surf and ride some fun waves!" (via alephsurf.org)

so excited to be partnering with the "VeeZee's" and aleph.

become a fan.
support the cause.

the shirts have been printed and are currently being sold at hume lake camp to raise funds for the aleph foundation. they will soon be available to purchase through their website.


tom said...

These are grrrrrreat! :D

russiankid said...

thanks tom! these are quite special to me as all the images i used are of my folks :) so dig ur blog btw!!